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Curious about public health nutritionists? You’ve come to the right place. We’re the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists and we've developed some catchy sound bites to help you learn what our members do. The sound bites are easy to remember and fun to use, and they’re getting the conversation started about public health nutrition. Check out our resources and start sharing the sound bites with friends, colleagues, and social media. Together, let’s spread the word!

Resources You Can Start Using Today

Public health nutrition is a broad field that employs many disciplines. Our sound bites cover the most vital aspects of public health nutrition — advocating, collaborating, educating, strategizing and creating access to better nutrition and active living. Our videos and posters help you remember the sound bites and better understand our work.

Video Success Stories.

Take a few minutes to see what public health nutritionists are doing throughout the country. You’ll gain a better understanding and appreciation for their work.

Sound Bite Posters.

Our posters show how public health nutritionists are helping our communities get healthy. Even better? There are two versions of each. One you can download and print, and one you can download and customize. Print them all and help others See It. Say It. Share It!

Public Health Nutrition Hall of Fame

From Maine to Hawaii, public health nutritionists are developing innovative programs, partnerships, and events designed to make healthy eating and active living an accessible way of life for all Americans.

ASPHN has created the PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION HALL OF FAME to salute our members' efforts and help others learn about the value of public health nutritionists. Browse our Hall of Fame below to see how our members are inspiring change. Whether it's curbing obesity, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, or promoting breastfeeding and maternal and child wellness, public health nutritionists are making healthy strides in their communities.

Would you like to be featured in our Hall of Fame? Whether you're a student just starting your career or you're a seasoned professional, all ASPHN members are welcome! To nominate a member or be included in the Hall of Fame, simply click the button below!


Spread the Word About Public Health Nutritionists!

We’re amping it up and sharing the value of public health nutrition, but we need your help. Take a second to browse through our recommendations for getting the word out about our awesome profession. Your participation is a welcome boost to every state and community that counts on public health nutritionists for healthy eating and active living initiatives.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Follow us on social media and give us a like, a shout-out or a re-post whenever you can. Public health nutritionists are out there, making a positive difference in their communities every day, and who doesn’t want to share that kind of good news?

If you care, chances are good that others will too.

Show your support for public health nutrition and link to ASPHN so friends can learn more. Use our sound bites and get others using them. You may just inspire the next great public health nutritionist!

It’s good to share.

Especially when sharing can bring needed attention to nutrition-based programs that are making our communities healthier. It only takes a second to email or text a link to one of our resources, and it could be the spark that lights an interest in starting an innovative program in your area.

If you’re a state public health nutritionist who’s created a successful program, we want to know.

We write and publish success stories about our members in order to share their ideas and expertise with fellow public health nutritionists. Become a member today and let us tell your story.

We know your inbox is already overflowing,

so we promise we’ll respect your space and only send you news releases about once a month. If you like what you see, go ahead and forward that news to others who might be interested. Next thing you know, you might find that news item in the community bulletin or on the local television news affiliate.

Public health nutritionists thrive off of good ideas.

Not to mention that we’re quite open-minded and very appreciative of those who champion our work. So contact us if you have an idea that will help generate interest in our initiatives to help stem the tide on the obesity epidemic, advance the consumption of fruits and vegetables, or promote breastfeeding and maternal and child wellness.

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